Memory Plus Brahmi 6000 complex

Memory--Plus_lFamed in indian Ayurvedic medicine, as Brahmi, the herb Bacopa has been used extensively for the management of stress, the relief of nervous tension and mild anxiety and as an aid to wellbeing for more than thirty centuries by scholars, monks and herbalists.It is one of the most frequently used herbs in Kampo, Japanese traditional medicine. The Bacopa extract used in MEMORY PULS BRAHMI 6000 COMPLEX provides 6g (6000mg) of the whole plant. It is standardized to ensure the correct levels of the important bacosides together, with the non-vitamin ingredients in this formula. Brahmi helps to relieve nervous tension stress, and mild anxiety, and is beneficial during periods of the mental and physical stress associated with study and work and as an aid to peak performance. Included in this formula is Ginkgo biloba, to help maintain peripheral circulation to the head, hands and feet plus vitamin and minerals cofactors, including magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 plus the amino acid Glutamine.